Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Airlines Standard Meal (Economy)

This is the post of the various airlines meal that I have taken during my flight.

(updated 5-September-2018)

GA838, CGK - SIN, 26-August-2018

The meal is a seafood (fish) with noodle.   The noodle is very soggy and I end up only eating the fish.   Well partly I have eaten before the flight.   The chocolate cake is very nice though.   My previous flight on GA838 has better meal.

GA409, DPS - CGK - SIN, 25-August-2018

Turmeric rice with chicken.   The dish presentation was so so but the taste was ok.    It is quite ok for domestic flight.

SQ963, CGK - SIN, 24-September-2017

SQ968, SIN - CGK, 22-September-2017

MI237, KNO -  SIN, 3-September-2017

MI234, SIN - KNO, 1-September-2017

GA838, CGK - SIN, 23-Jul-2017

GA838, CGK - SIN, 4-Jun-2017

GA409, DPS - CGK, 3-Jun-2017

SQ963, CGK - SIN, 21-May-2017

SQ968, SIN - CGK, 19-May-2017