Monday, December 29, 2014

Hotel Phoenix, M Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I have been longing to visit Yogyakarta for the longest time.  However, the last time I tried to visit the city, the Mount Merapi erupted, hence I have to cancel my trip.   So finally on my long break, I decided to spend 3 nights in Yogyakarta rather than spending all my break in Bali.  Not only I want to go to Yogyakarta, but I am also want to stay in the Hotel Phoenix, which supposedly one of the iconic building in the city.

Just to give some perspective.   Yogyakarta is not really a big city.    In fact it is a very small city with only around 600,000 people lives there.   The city is famous because of few reasons.   It is considered as the center of the Javanese culture.   Also, many good (Catholic) schools are in the city since the Dutch colonial times.  Many universities are also in this city, hence the city is also called "Kota Pelajar" (i.e. Student City).  The other reason why many people visits Yogyakarta is because of the proximity with Borobudur Temple  (the largest Buddhist temple in the world?) and Prambanan Temple. 

There are not many International Chain hotels in the city.   There is 1 Sheraton, Melia, and Hyatt in the cities and few Accors properties (M Galery, Novotel, and Ibis).  The rest of the hotels are local chain and locally owned.

The hotel is located in the center of the Yogyakarta.   It is situated just in front of the Tugu which I was told the 0 km point of the city.    Here is the exterior of the hotel

The hotel has 2 buildings..  The front part which you saw on the above pictures is the "original" structure. 

The lobby is quite basic in my opinion for a M-Gallery hotel.  It looks like a old colonial houses rather than hotel which can be an plus point to some people.  As I arrived quite early 8:30am.  I was told the room is not ready, hence I was waiting in the lobby area which have some interesting decors.

The other side of the lobby, you can see part of the dining area.  In fact the dining area has some open area which again can be quite interesting.

The breakfast served is quite basic in my opinion.  But with only around USD 10 and considering you are in small town, then I can accept it.   Here are some photos on the dining area during breakfast.  On one the night (Saturday night), the restaurant has a BBQ dinner.

Never before I see a selection of sugar in this ranges :)

The rooms are located on the second part of the building where there is open courtyard.   My room was on the main building.   The room in the main building are Superior Heritage and Phoenix Executive.  The extension building which is newer has the Deluxe Legacy and Legendary Suite.    Please note, I was told the Superior and Deluxe room does not have bath tube.

Here is the picture of the Phoenix executive room.

Take a note of the picture above the bed.   It is the picture of the original building in 1900s.


 It is quite interesting decor in the bath room.  I wonder why they put 2 wooden toys in the bath room.  Then I realized that I can open it and more amenities were inside the toys.

The room has  a small balcony area which is facing the open courtyard and not so far away from main road.  So can be a bit noisy.

  The picture of the open courtyard

Here is the balcony from the courtyard

And here are the pictures of the new building with the swimming pools