Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Airlines Standard Meal (Economy)

This is the post of the various airlines meal that I have taken during my flight.

(updated 5-September-2018)

GA838, CGK - SIN, 26-August-2018

The meal is a seafood (fish) with noodle.   The noodle is very soggy and I end up only eating the fish.   Well partly I have eaten before the flight.   The chocolate cake is very nice though.   My previous flight on GA838 has better meal.

GA409, DPS - CGK - SIN, 25-August-2018

Turmeric rice with chicken.   The dish presentation was so so but the taste was ok.    It is quite ok for domestic flight.

SQ963, CGK - SIN, 24-September-2017

SQ968, SIN - CGK, 22-September-2017

MI237, KNO -  SIN, 3-September-2017

MI234, SIN - KNO, 1-September-2017

GA838, CGK - SIN, 23-Jul-2017

GA838, CGK - SIN, 4-Jun-2017

GA409, DPS - CGK, 3-Jun-2017

SQ963, CGK - SIN, 21-May-2017

SQ968, SIN - CGK, 19-May-2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Moxy Bandung

I was staying at Fourpoint Bandung in mid July-2017.   Moxy Bandung is located across the street from Fourpoint Bandung.   The building has a distinct purple color.   At night, I was curious to look around the complex as I thought it was not open as it was not bookable through

Surprisingly, I saw some activities inside the building.   So I went in and talked to the staffs at the counter, which apparently also a front desk.   They told me that the hotel has opened for some kind of soft opening.

I asked if I can look around and indeed they brought me for a tour of the room and roof top.

This is the exterior of the building.  I found the purple color, which I believe Moxy's color is quite unique.

Here is the lobby area with the pool tables

The lift area is also quite unique with the bare concepts

The second floor which is the "library" or reading area.

We went to the 6th floor which we saw 3 types of rooms.  I thought Moxy is similar to ibis, however, I am quite wrong.

Interestingly the chair and table are the fold-able and allow you to save some spaces.

They also have DIY ironing room, which you can probably mingle with other guest.

I was lucky enough to visit the roof top, which personally I think the most impressive part of the hotel.   They have a function room there that can have the door opened, so you can combine indoor and outdoor, with fantastic view of Bandung city.   I think this is one of the best spot in Bandung now.

Overall, I think this hotel looks impressive and far from my original thought that this is a budget hotel.  I will probably try to stay here when I go back to Bandung agaain.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Hermitage Jakarta

The hotel is located in the upscale residential area of Menteng.   The location is not far away from buzzling Thamrin and Sudirman area but you can find some tranqulity in Jakarta which is rather rare.   Navigating to the hotel may be a bit a challenge if you are not familar with the area as the streets around are mostly oneway street.

Here is the entrance of the hotel taken from the roof top.

Here are the picture of the hotel lobby.  It is nicely decorated and many pictures of old Batavia (the old name of Jakarta during colonial time) and also map of the Menteng area during the colonial time.


As a Starwood Platinum, I was upgraded to the Executive Suite room (which is the second highest room category in the hotel).

The hotel has a huge living area with a door that separated the living area with the bed room area.   The bath room is quite long with seperate bath tube and shower area.   I found the wardrobe area is too big.  I guess this probably the limitation imposed by the old building stucture.

Most (if not all) of the suites room located in the old building and the Deluxe rooms are mainly located in the new tower.

Here are the pictures of the room.

Huge living area

A door that separated the living area and the bed room

Bath room area



The room was pre-prepared for me and here is the welcome gift which is very beautiful

The hotel does not have a lounge, but they provide evening cocktail and the best choice is to use it in Le Vue which is at the roof top of the hotel.

It is advisable to go up before sunset as the view is very nice and the place tends to get very crowded.

Here is the menu for the Platinum

The swimming pool and gym is rather small and located just below the roof top.

Breakfast has a quite good selection also.


Here is some random pictures taken from the hotel

I found this hotel is good for someone who wants to have some peaceful time in very busy Jakarta.  It is not too far from Thamrin and Sudirman area.  The service is also very good.