Friday, January 31, 2014

Turkish Airlines Comfort Class (IST-YYZ-IST)

Finally, I managed to squeeze sometimes to continue some write up about TK Comfort Class.

I have read quite a few good review on TK Comfort Class hence I decided to give it a try since the price is only marginally higher than non-restricted economy and even though that I have to layover in IST for quite some times.

But before I go into the Comfort Class itself, let me write something about Istanbul (IST) airport.  The airport itself is not so big.  It is rather small but quite functional.  The connecting flight is a bit troublesome, as they asked me to queue to get a sticket before I can pass the security to go to the departure hall.  Other that that is quite ok.

The morning time seems quite busy with many flight departed to Europe.  So it is good connection from Asia flight.  Most flight from Asia will arrive IST in the early morning with good connecting to Europe.  However, most of the American bound flight, depart after noon time (13:00-15:00).  This is why I need to wait for quite some times.

These are some pictures of the departure area at that morning.  There are food courts, coffee shop, and of course duty free shops which sell Turkish delights (lokum) and Baklava.  So it is fully functional airport.

After walking around the airport, I went to Turkish Lounge.  It looks huge and grand.  you just need to scan your BP to enter.  As I was clocking my mileage into SQ and I only have Silver status, I cannot simply scan my BP.  I have to show my A3 Gold card and then , they let me in (I forget how. I think they did open the gate for me).  I found the lounge is quite beautiful and the food is quite OK. 

 The famous Turkish Delight (Lokum) which you should probably eat it with the Tuskish coffee (which I found it too bitter for me)

The lounge also has the shower are and also napping rooms.  There is a rule for you to be able to use the room.  I think you have to fly intercontinental flight with x hours of connecting flight.  the shower is ok.  The only complains is they have only few showers room.  If I am not wrong 4-5 rooms only.  so at the morning peak hours, you need to queue.  Give your name to the staff and she will call you name once the shower room is available.

So it is the time for the flight now.  The comfort class I think is only available on B777-300ER.  The seat layout is 2-3-2 which much more comfortable compare to CX 2-4-2 layout.

This is the plane that brought me to Toronto, TC-JJH (Rumeli) 


The Comfort Class seat which is quite similar to the Old Business Class in many airlines.  As I said earlier, the configuration is 2-3-2.  Each seat comes with blanket, pillow, headset and also comfort bag, which the contain is almost similar to economy but slightly better toothbrush and amenities.

The interesting part, as the seat next to me is empty, the FA paste a sticker to it.  May be to prevent someone from economy cabin to move into the seat.

The IFE is the one stow on the side of the chair (like old business class) and quite ok.

Time to eat.   On this flight they did not serve the Macademia nuts as someone is allergic to nuts.  That's what they announced it.   I wonder why  can't they served it to other customer other than the allergic one?   the food is served partly by the Chef who served the biz class cabin.  Again this show TK treat Comfort class as C- rather than Y+ like CX.   The food is served just like business class serving.

First meal (lunch if I am not wrong)

Second meal (refreshment I suppose) as we arrive YYZ around 6pm local time.

 The pretty mood light on the cabin

This is the plane that took me back to Istanbul from YYZ, TC-JJE (Named Dolmabahçe). This flight has WIFI on board.  On that flight the offer WIFI for free.  I guess they were still doing the trail.

The refreshment which served with Macademia nuts



And finally the outside camera, just after we landed in IST.

The verdict, I think TK Comfort Class is very comfortable and worth the money.  I wish TK extend this product also on SIN-IST leg.

TK lounge in IST is very pretty.  Food may not be the best but it is quite ok.

I definitely will fly TK again in the price and timing is reasonable.