Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cathay Pacific New Business Class

I have decided to go to Shanghai as part of my annual birthday trip. Lucky enough, Cathay Pacific has given me a birthday present upgrading me to the Business class on both sectors SIN-HKG and HKG-PVG. The SIN-HKG is on the older Business Class (the coffin seat or fish-bone seat) and the HKG-PVG is on the new Business class on B-KPD. So here is some pictures that I took\ and my personal comment on the CX new business class seat
The seat look nicer than coffin type Business Class as it is not as cramp as the older one and give you more space. However, I do not understand why CX still like to out the TV on the angle which needs to be stow upon take off and landing.

 Also notice the small "wall" on the side. I am not really sure also what this is for and this need to be brought down during take off and landing.

Personally, I feel the new business class is much nicer than the coffin type. However, I still think the design is a bit odd and not sure why they still put the TV on the angle side (so it needs to be stowed during take off and landing). This means the Business Class passenger cannot enjoy the nicer and newer landing map which will show the whole airport map and also the outside camera view on B777-300).