Friday, December 27, 2013

Ambassador Lounge (T3 Changi Airport Singapore)

I saw so many posting asking about where to take nap when they are on transit in Singapore Changi airport.  As I was using Ambassador Lounge in T3 waiting for my Garuda flight to Jakarta, I thought why don't I take some picture around the lounge and post something in my blog.  Perhaps some people may find it quite useless.

Well, I hope some of you may find it useful.  If it is so, appreciate it, if you can drop a comment so that I know my effort is not useless :)

This is the reception desk of the lounge.  I spoke to the staff there and they told mne actually they have another Ambassador lounge in T2.

When you are about to go into the lounge you will see the "clock wall" where you can see time on different time zone.

There are quite some area for you to seat and relax and enjoy the drink and food.  Well, in my opinion, the food and drink are just so so.   Nothing fantastic.

There is also some area for your internet access.  PC is also available.  However, I did not try how good is the PC there.

I saw quite some people (well in fact most of the people at that lounge at that time, as the lounge quite empty that late morning, around 10-ish am) were napping in the seat.  I found these couple are smart and get the good location.  Well, if you do not need to nap, you can see nice few of the airport also (not really sure what it call, tarmac??)

Actually the lounge also has a nap suite, which you can use for minum of 3 hours for SGD 35.31 (and then can extend it hourly) but I guess this is on top of SGD35.31 that you need to pay for lounge access.  The lounge access comes also with shower facilities, which you can also purchase separetly if you just need to have shower.  Here is what you get when you pay for SGD35.31.

The shower area is quite good and apparently if you just purchase the shower, they give you a bottle of water and snacks.  Not so bad I guess.  Here are some pictures of the shower area.

Unfortunely, they do not let me see the nap area, but they gave me the brochure.   Well, I hope this write up give some idea for some people the next time that they will be in transit in Singapore, especially in Terminal 3 (T3)