Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thai Airways B787

As Thai Airways is using B787 on Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur route, I decided to make a site trip to Bangkok after my business trip to Kuala Lumpur.

The flight TG417/418 is currently served with B787

 The plane looks like B777 with 3-3-3 configuration in economy with the new economy seat.

The IFE also bigger even compare to A380 and with new remote control which came with the surface touch rather than arrow to navigate


I do not like the location of the USD and earphone jack as it can be quite troublesome when you are eating.  

This is the infamous windows.  On route to Bangkok, nothing can be done as it is night flight.   On return flight, my neighbour dim the window.   I understand from the TG cabin crew, they can control this centrally.   I wonder why the FA was still asking passanger to undim the window before take off.

Seat pitch in economy.   I am 180 cm (6") tall for reference.

Toilet look nice with a lot of sensor is being used for water and also to flush the toilet.

When we landed in Bangkok, the plane was not park at the gate, so I have some times to take the picture again at night at BKK.

Both way, the bird was the same, it was HS-TQC.   Here was the plane at BKK

Some pictures on Business class seat.  I do not really impress with the business which has 2-2-2 configuration.